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Re: Error building "pkg_install"

> I'm using NetBSD 5.0.1.  I did a cvs update on pkgsrc.  After running
> "pkg_rolling-replace" it appeared that there is a newer version of
> "pkg_install", but the build crashes.  The error says that in file
> parse-config.c, in function "pkg_install_config" there is an undefined
> reference to "fetchConnectionCacheInit."  This looks like a code error.
> Any suggestions other than me hacking the code?

I can confirm I see the same error with i386 5_Stable and Current 8-}.

I'd suggest waiting a day or two and doing another update and try again.

If you feel like hacking it, that is of course always an option, but
usually the pkgsrc folks release pretty clean code.

You might also submit a problem report:

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