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Mouse on VMware Fusion


I'm running NetBSD 5.0.1 in VMware Fusion 3.0.1 on a MacBook.

When I specify the "vmmouse" driver in xorg.conf, I can move the mouse
pointer in and out of the virtual machine without having to release it
by pressing Ctrl-Alt, which is quite convenient.  However, when using
the trackpad with "tap to click" (but not the physical button or an
external mouse), quite often the button release event is only sent after
moving the pointer, which is quite annoying.

When I specify the "mouse" driver in xorg.conf, this behavior doesn't
occur, but the mouse must be explicitly released from the virtual
machine by pressing Ctrl-Alt--although this is not really a problem.
However, I have the impression that the pointer movement is sometimes
jumpy, especially with higher CPU load.

In VMware 1.x and 2.x, I used the "mouse" driver; in 3.0, it wasn't
usable (the pointer disappeared when not moving), so I had to switch to
"vmmouse."  Now, with 3.0.1, it seems the "mouse" driver is usable
again, and I think I'll give it a try again.

I'm not asking for a "solution," as these issues are likely due to
VMware and the "vmmouse" driver, and thus not specific to NetBSD.
However, as I think there are quite a number of people running NetBSD in
VMware Fusion, I'm wondering whether others have the same issues and
which X mouse driver (and possibly settings) you're using with NetBSD.

Thanks and greetings

Dr.-Ing. Michael Piotrowski, M.A.                   <>
Public key at <> (ID 0x1614A044)

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