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Laptop Intel Wireless drivers?

Hi all,

I've Googled this previously, but my Google-fu is failing me. Either
that, or no one else has run into this problem :-)

I'm installing NetBSD 5.0.1 on a Thinkpad X200. I was able to get
Debian recognizing the wireless drivers (Intel on it after installing
the firmware. However, it's not clear what I need to do to get NetBSD
to recognize the wireless. The scanpci output only has a lot of
unrecognized Intel hardwire, but it doesn't even look like it sees the
wireless. It found the wired card (wm0) without any issues.

The wireless card is either an Intel 5100 802.11abgn or Intel 5300
802.11abgn. If there's no solution, I can go out and get a supported
PCMCIA card or USB network card today. I haven't taken away the option
of "throwing money (e.g. an external network card) at the problem."

Any suggestions? That's the last bit I need to get the basic system
working before I do a lot of makes in pkgsrc :-)



///stripes/// -

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