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nv status?

It appears my amd64 5.0_STABLE box is running some old (xbase) XOrg 1.4.2 with "nv" version 2.1.10. I can't for the life of me get a dual-head configuration to work on my GeForce 8600 GTS.

I notice that even in my current pkgsrc installation (2009Q2. due for upgrade anyway) there's a newer XOrg + nv (1.6.1, nv 2.1.13) combo, and 2009Q3 sports 1.6.3/nv 2.1.14. pkgsrc-current appears to be at 1.6.5/nv 2.1.14. Is there any permutation of xbase/pkgsrc modular XOrg and xf86-video-nv that will support two TFT monitors on GeForce8 cards?
How about wip/xf86-video-nouveau?

Best regards,

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