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Re: fdisk MSDOS partitions too large = not mountable

On Thu, 10 Dec 2009, wrote:
Stephen Borrill <> wrote:

I'm seeing a number of makes and models of camera that have dodgy fdisk
partition structure. The size of the FAT partition is the same as the
whole disk, but the start offset is 1. On NetBSD 3, this is mountable, but
with NetBSD 4 and later, the filesystem will not be mounted.

Yup, here's another: Polaroid t1031.  Actually, it mounts okay w/o the flash RAM
(SDHC) installed but of course that doesn't leave much room for many pictures.

I had the opposite on another set of cameras - my solution was to fit SD cards in each.

The work-around is to put it in "Printer" mode (PTP/PictBridge mode) and use
gphoto2/gphotofs.  Would be nicer though if a "fudge" could be made so as to
allow straight umass access.

Indeed. I brought this up before and there was the suggestion that granularity in the FAT filesystem made the check rather redundant (that may be a horribly inaccurate paraphrasing).


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