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Re: Working solution for "dhclient: send_packet : Input/ouput error" message?

Yes, it was correct solution. I found yesterday that fwip is up and
running, so I
marked it down, but no help. After that you wrote about dhclient_flags
and that's it.

Thanks a lot

2009/10/11 Stephen Borrill <>:
> On Sun, 11 Oct 2009, TomÃÅ BodÅÃr wrote:
>> my /var/log/messages is full of these messages. Is there some
>> workaround for it? Can't find any help on Google.
>> I will try dhclient_flags if it will help.
> What interfaces do you have in your machine (ifconfig -l)? I often get this
> when it's trying to run dhclient on fwip (firewire). You can restrict the
> interfaces to use by setting dhclient_flags in /etc/rc.conf.
> --
> Stephen

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