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Re: Problems in gnome 2.26 with 5.0 stable.

On 09/21/09 18:48, ficovh wrote:
Hi friends.

Recently I setup a new IBM Thinkpad T61 with NetBSD 5.0 Stable (amd64
port) and xorg from -current.

I have gnome installed and working partially.

I start gnome via .xinitrc script and xinit from the command line putting

exec dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session&

Gnome start ok, but the appearence don't work fine and other fine
programs, such as brasero.
The famd daemon don't run, it say: "famd[3538]: can't register with
portmapper." at the time to run "evince", per example.

is here another tip for running it via .xinitrc or may need compile
famd once more time.

I can apreciate your advices.


Why don't you start it with gdm?
If you decide to do things manually, you are pretty much "on your own".

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