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Re: link as -lc -lpthread hangs

On Sep 11,  6:52pm, (Channa) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: link as -lc -lpthread hangs

| Yes i understand this can be avoided by not specifying -lc but some
| the application
| which i am using having the Makerules which link -lc before -lpthread.
| So i wanted to avoid modifying all the Makerules for the applications.

Well, the application is broken, so fix that instead.

| These application work fine on Linux with GNU c libraries.

This is by accident rather than by design.

| And also there is no specification saying about  the linking order.

Yes, but this is common practice:

| So i thought a fix in the rtld would be fine.
| So is the fix OK?
| Let me know your views.

I really don't see the point in this. Adding special-case hacks to the to avoid a bug in the Makerules seems like the wrong thing to do.
Specially in this case where there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to
specify -lc on the command line. If you do that, I should assume that you
know what you are doing and you are capable in specifying the libraries
in the proper link order.

But that's my opinion. If others think that we should add this feature,
fine with me.


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