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Install won't recognise CD-ROM on AMD with VIA

I'm currently running NetBSD 5.01 on a Mac G4 with powerpc port, but I've no
experience trying to run it on i386, so thought I'd add it to my desktop PC
that runs Win XP.

So, I have disc 1 burnt on a CD-RW and am trying a new install on an old-ish
AMD XP2000+, which use VIA chipsets.

The install disk boots ok, but it can't find the cd-rom when it comes time to
copy  the packages over to the newly formatted slice.

Googling returns very few hits, but someone with a laptop (mine isn't
a laptop) suggests it is the viaide dev that causes the problem and to try
pciide instead.  Any suggestions on how to go about making the install
look for the cd-rom at pciide?  

Or, can the install run ok if the packages are copied into an
existing FAT32 or NTFS partition, which I've got both?

Or, any ideas from someone who has successfully installed onto an AMD XP+

Thanks for any help.
Nick Coleman

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