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Ctrl+c in gdb aborts qemu?

Hello all,

   There's something I don't get. Behold:



LIM=`ulimit -d`
ulimit -d 524288

wterm -geometry 132x64 +sb -fb 6x10 -fg white -bg black \
        -e qemu -m 256 -hda ${IMGSDIR}/wd0.img -hdb ${IMGSDIR}/wd1.img \
        -hdc ${IMGSDIR}/wd2.img -nographic -s -S -serial stdio &

gdb -tui ${KERNOBJDIR}/QEMUDBG/netbsd.gdb

kill $VMPID
ulimit -d $LIM

   The script above works fine at first sight. A qemu-session is
started, gdb connects to it. If a breakpoint is encountered, the
debugger stops, etc. But if I press ctrl+c _in gdb_, the qemu session
terminates. Why is this?

   Is there a way to avoid this behavior, yet retaining the basic idea
(running one script and getting both the debugger and debugee running,
as well as terminating the debugee when the debugger is terminated)?

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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