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Re: Audio in Gnome

I recently installed pulseaudio. Some things I found, if hal is not
running then module-detect is used, which for NetBSD only works for OSS,
and requires a file /dev/sndstat with these 2 lines:
Audio devices:
, and the link /dev/dsp0.0 -> /dev/sound0
But then I found with record enabled pulseaudio used 100% cpu time.
So I changed /usr/pkg/etc/pulse/ to load module-oss directly
with the added parameter record=false (and commenting out the auto load)
Also changed daemon.conf, it needed
disable-shm = yes # not implied with no open_shm
high-priority = no
exit-idle-time = -1 #man says default is -1, but acts like 20.
module-idle-time = -1
default-fragment-size-msec = 100 # was 25

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