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iscsifs does not authenticate

I have 2 machines running netbsd-5:

maat = the iscsi-target host.
grub = the client machine that will run iscsifs.

I set up the target on maat like so...

# extent        file or device          start           length
extent0         /export/iscsi-tgt0      0               1GB

# target        flags   storage         netmask
target0         rw      extent0

... and here's the startup ...

# /etc/rc.d/iscsi_target restart
Stopping iscsi_target.
Starting iscsi_target.
Reading configuration from `/etc/iscsi/targets'
DISK: 1 logical unit (2097152 blocks, 512 bytes/block), type iscsi fs
DISK: LUN 0: 1024 MB disk storage for "target0"
TARGET: TargetName is

Looks good to me. Now to grub to set up the initiator:

# pkg_info
netbsd-iscsi-initiator-20080207 NetBSD's iSCSI initiator (per iSCSI RFC 3720)

... In /etc/iscsi/auths I have ...


... and when I try to start the initiator ...

# iscsifs -v -u grub -a none -b -h maat -t /mnt
No matching user configuration entry for `grub' was found
Please add an entry for `grub' to `/etc/iscsi/auths'
pid 543:parameters.c:545: ***ERROR*** Unknown user `0x88ac594f7d6e0b2bce40fa0ecc29d60c' pid 543:parameters.c:187: ***ERROR*** key "AuthResult" not found in param list
pid 543:initiator.c:1980: ***ERROR*** param_text_parse_offer() failed
pid 543:initiator.c:1813: ***ERROR*** initiator_cmd_t failed
pid 543:initiator.c:642: ***ERROR*** login_phase_i() failed
pid 543:initiator.c:1160: ***ERROR*** enqueue_worker: discovery_phase() failed (ignoring command)

... what gives?


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