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Howto set up a layer 2 etherip tunnel between two bridge(4)?

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I want a layer 2 tunnel between two bridges in different servers. Connected to the bridges are various xen DOMUs. But I fail completely to figure out how to set up the tunnel.

After some failed attempts involving gre(4) and gif(4) I've come to believe that what I want is etherip(4). Unfortunately etherip is not included in any standard kernel (why?) so it is necessary to compile a custom kernel. I have the new kernel running on the two systems "boxA" and "boxB". Unfortunately the etherip(4) documentation is a bit lacking for me. In particular I stumble on the paragraph:

        "A tunnel configured for the previous (undocumented) implementation
        will work with just renaming the device from gif to etherip."

Is it just me, or wouldn't the lack of gif documentation be all the more reason to document etherip slightly more verbosely? Anyways, my two systems have their networking configured a la:

re0 connected to outside world
tap0 connected to bridge0

wm0 connected to outside world
tap0 connected to bridge0

Now I add the etherip interfaces:

boxA# ifconfig etherip0 create
boxA# ifconfig etherip0

boxB# ifconfig etherip0 create
boxB# ifconfig etherip0

boxA# ifconfig etherip0 tunnel
boxB# ifconfig etherip0 tunnel

and watch the two machines immediately enter into some sort of deadly embrace. They respond to a banging on the keyboard with about one keypress per five minutes. If I reset one system the other immediately wakes up.

So I realize that I'm not doing this the right way. But what IS the right way? Some enlightenment for tunnel newbies would be very much appreciated... preferably with a very complete example.



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