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Re: newsyslog always compress?

On Thu, 20 Aug 2009, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:

> Since I upgraded to NetBSD-5.0, I noticed that newsyslog now gzip's
> every file it moves. I have this in newsyslog.conf:
> /var/log/greylist.stat  root:www        640  5     *   24$D0    -
> I did not want to have the older log file compressed. Is it a
> misconfiguration on my own? Is it a bug? A feature? How can I 
> work this around?

I can't reproduce this.

But I saw a different problem. It will rotate a 57 byte file when the size 
field is "1" (KB).

And it will remove file.N.gz and file.N.bz2 even if - is used (no 
compression). Even if that file is never created. That N is one more than 
is created. That is broken.

Also why is this so complicated?

                case 'J': case 'Z':
                        for (ziptype = __arraycount(compress); --ziptype; 
) {
                                if (*compress[ziptype].flag == qq)

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