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Re: adding a RAID component

> Short form: I'm trying to add a second drive for RAID mirroring -- how
> do I do it?
> Full story: I built a 5.0 system (per the instructions on the Wiki)
> using just one drive of a RAID1 set.  I'd have added both components at
> that time, but the machine I was working on didn't have a spare SATA
> connector...
> Anyway -- both disks are now in the proper machine.  I'm running from
> raid0 on wd0e.  How do I persuade it to start using wd1 as the mirror
> drive?

I think the operation you want is "add a new hot spare and start
a raid rebuild onto it", provided by the following sequence:

raidctl -a /dev/wd1e raid0
raidctl -F component1 raid0

Before that you of course need to have marked wd1e as type RAID
in the disklabel and it needs to be the exact same size as wd0e.

Best regards,

- Håvard

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