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Re: AW: emulating Windows

On Sat, 25 Jul 2009, Niels Dettenbach wrote:

Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 13:14:49 +0200
From: Niels Dettenbach <>
Subject: AW: emulating Windows


this higly depends from your needs.

With wine - as (afaik) a windows API emulator - do you have no full "windows 
support", but you should be able to run a lot of - but not all - windows apps (i 
never tried Wine under netbsd) and you have no hardware virtualization overhead.

If you won't dual boot you have different options of virtualization:

1.) NetBSD XEN
This is the only option where you have NetBSD as the hypervisor - means "directly on 
your hardware". You should have a CPU with virtualization functionality like Intel 

2.) NetBSD/QEMU? => sorry, i have no experiences with qemu under NetBSD

3.) Linux Hypervisor with
        a.) Xen / HVM (open source)
        b.) QEMU (open source)
        c.) VirtualBOX (partly open source)
        d.) VMware (commercial)

The Best solution under NetBSD is XEN you will need processor with virtualization,Windows under xen without that feature is useless. Qemu is also cause kqemu modul, i've heard from other channels that netbsd with kqemu doesn't boot.Is also broken.

Regards Menuhin

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