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mount_smbfs and "Unmapped error 1:19"


I have mounted a SMBFS filesystem from a LinkStation (LS) Mini (running
some kind of Linux) onto my Mini (G5) running 4.99.x.
I used "mount_smbfs -u mylogin //mylogin@linkstation/test /mnt/smb_test".
During my playing with the LS configuration, the SMB share disapeared and
reapeared (I noticed it from an OSX warning).
Since then, any commands related to this mount point freezes : "ls /mnt",
"df", "mount". The kernel says : Unmapped error 1:19.
I tried "umount -a -t smbfs -v" which froze too.

Is there a way to come back to a "normal" situation without rebooting the
Mini ? I'm not even sure it would properly reboot since I expect it to
freeze on the "umounting filesystem" step...

Thanks for help,

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