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'atexit_handler_stack' : NULL issue


I am using NetBSD libraries and facing some issue with respect to '

I have written one function atexit_remove() which is called from
__dlclose() of rtld

cat src/libexec/ld.elf_so/rtld.c

unatexit(obj->mapbase, obj->textsize)

this unatexit unregisters the exit handlers registered in the shared libraries.

In the unatexit function is written in libc. in the file 'src/lib/libc/atexit.c'

When i access the stack pointer 'atexit_handler_stack' as given below:

$cat src/lib/libc/atexit.

 struct atexit_handler *prevp;
 prevp = atexit_handler_stack;
  if ((prevp) == NULL)

The 'atexit_handler_stack' is coming to as NULL.

I am not able to understand why 'atexit_handler_stack' is coming as NULL.

And in my test code i have registered exit handlers using atexit().

Could anyone help me in this regard?

Thanks & Regards,

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