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Re: using in src subdirectories

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 07:01:38PM -0400, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
> (...)
> Am I missing an obvious way to tell to make some target in a
> subdirectory, or give me a shell with all the relevant environment
> variables set up so that I can run make(1) (or the wrapper therefor)
> myself in a subdirectory?  If not, am I missing something about why
> not, or would this be something worth implementing? (...)

I think you want makewrapper

Like my /home/netbsd/tools/bin/nbmake-i386 contains e.g. ...
#! /bin/sh
# Set proper variables to allow easy "make" building of a NetBSD subtree.
# Generated from:  $NetBSD:,v 2009/03/18 05:39:06 snj Exp $
# with these arguments: -T ../tools -D ../dest -R ../release -O ../obj .........
exec "${TOOLDIR}/bin/nbmake" ${1+"$@"}

I.e. isn't that exactly what you're looking for? Just use this makewrapper 
of make and you should be fine.


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