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Re: Sound cards, multiple access, device busy

On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 11:39:07AM -0400, wrote:
> On freebsd, I was able to run two copies of the application against
> the single /dev/dsp device. It's reading the input, both were able to
> read concurrently.

freebsd has a kernel-level audio mixer.
> On NetBSD, after one copy of darkice opens the sound device it becomes 
> busy.

netbsd is single-access.

> I notice only one system utility can open the device at a time (strings 
> /dev/audio > /tmp/crap.txt&, do it again, device is busy).
> Any way to get around this?

install a userspace sound server like audio/pulseaudio from pkgsrc?

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