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NetBSD on netbooks/nettops

Hello there!
I've been lurking this mailing list for a while, and now i'm about to
replace my old but still fully functional 14.1 inch notebook with a
lightier, more standard (standard components, better support)
nettop/netbook (well, call it as you like).

So, my question is, how does NetBSD run on this kind of hardware ?
I'll probably run NetBSD on my netbook/nettop, so i want an
as-supported-as-possible one.

Most popular netbooks/nettops are, of course, eeepcs (701, 90x, 1000xx
and so on)... what about them ?

Are there also Acer Aspire ONE, Lenovo IdeaPad, Samsung NC10, Dell Mini,
Compaq Mini and a lot of other ones...

I would like anyone who follows this mailing list and owns a
nettop/netbook to write his opinions (including, of course, what
hardware owns) so that i can better choose a netbook/nettop and create
some webpages on the NetBSD wiki.

Thanks in advance,
Elric W.
Live free or die - UNIX®

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