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Re: identical nics

On Sat, 27 Jun 2009, Goran wrote:
What if I have two identical NICs in my system (with of course not
identical MACs)...

will the NIC naming always be the same (especially after reboot)?


E.g. can this happen:

 At first setup:
 NIC0 == bce0
 NIC1 == bce1

 After reboot:
 NIC0 == bce1
 NIC1 == bce0

No. They are assigned as autoconf goes through the various buses in a defined order, e.g. pci0 then pci1 (in turn these are defined by their parents). If you look at dmesg closely, especially the bce0 at pci0 type lines, you'll see it is a tree structure.


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