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Re: strange RF_PROTECTED_SECTORS magic

Thanks! Indeed something obvious.



Jukka Salmi wrote:

theo borm --> netbsd-users (2009-06-18 15:05:42 +0200):
As I understood it the raidframe reserves RF_PROTECTED_SECTORS at the start of a raid volume. I would therefore expect that if I substract the size of a raid volume (raid0d) from the size of its container (sd0a), to get this same figure.

If I do so, I get 1953525136-1953524992=144.
As far as I know RF_PROTECTED_SECTORS=64

This does not add up. Am I missing something obvious?

quoting the relevant [1]section from The NetBSD Guide:

    Why isn't sizeof(raid0d) == (sizeof(wd1a) - RF_PROTECTED_SECTORS)?
    Size of raid0d is based on the largest multiple of the stripe size
    used for a RAID set. [...]

HTH, Jukka


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