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Re: Problems getting network working

In article <>,
Frederic Jaeckel  <> wrote:
>Hi there,
>I have a Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-UD2H motherboard and a Intel fxp(4) network
>Normally everbody thinks "oh, fxp.. that works", yeah.. but not in this
>system. I get very very strange effects. The kernel is recognizing
>everything correctly, including all parts of the motherboard and the
>fxp(4) card.
>When I try to use the card, I send out SYNs but I don't get ACKs or any
>other response. Even ARP doesn't work. This is a default install, so no
>packetfilter is involved. Would be nice to attach a dmesg output but
>this won't work, becaus I just have this box remotely via Java KVM
>(just the possibility to get screenshots of the VGA output).
>I already tried to disable ACPI, SMP, MPBIOS.. tried to use PCI FIXUPs
>and looked up the config dumps.. (if anyone need that of the fxp(4), I
>do have them already as screens). I even tried to disable all
>unnecessary parts of the computer, like the internal soundcard, nic,
>firewire, usb or everything. There's no way to get this network card
>working. The very very strange effect is, that in Linux everything
>works and that confuses me the most. ;)
>I want to have NetBSD, not Linux.. so please give me some hints or
>responses according this issue.. maybe some possibilities to debug it
>or so. I would be very pleased. :)
>best regards,
>Frederic 'jchome' Jaeckel

My fxp card does not autonegotiate, but works if I set the media manually.
Have you tried that? Can you send the fxp autoconf lines to us?


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