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Re: xorg config for ibm thinkpad x41 (no tablet)

On Thursday 11 June 2009 08:30:28 Jan Schaumann wrote:
> Tobias Nygren <> wrote:
> > Does your kernel have AGP configured and did it attach to the hardware?
> It did not -- I used the same config I had used on my 3.99.15 kernel.
> However, the point is moot now, since I can't use 5.0 on this laptop
> (see
> Should that get resolved somehow, I'll revisit the Xorg config -- thanks
> for your suggestion.

Are you using wpa_supplicant.  On my T42's iwi interface I see frequent 
disconnects related to wpa_supplicant.  If I provide the (WEP) key using 
ifconfig and avoid wpa_supplicant it is rock solid.  I can restore 
connectivity doing

        ifconfig iwi0 down; sleep 2; ifconfig iwi0 up


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