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Re: NetBSD 4.99.73 HAAD-DM Branch : Request for Source code and ISO image


Sankalp Bagaria wrote:

> We, at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Mumbai are making an
> entry - level iSCSI SAN on NetBSD. We planned our iSCSI target to be used
> over LVM + RAID 5 on NetBSD 4.99.73. But we now find that the HAAD - DM
> branch has been discontinued after the release of NetBSD 5.0. We require
> both the ISO image and source code of the HAAD-DM branch of NetBSD 4.99.73.

Incidently I have just finished a backport of the haad-device-mapper for

I have used the different parts of this for two month now and had only
the problem, that some features are not (yet?) ported, which prevented
me migrating used disks out of a volume group. All other runs fine with
my shiny 4,5 TB logical volume consisting of two RAID5s 8-) No panic, no
corrupted filsystems except once after a hard crash caused by a failed

Now I have all the bits wrapped up in a little source tree to be imported
into a NetBSD-5_STABLE tree and a bunch of patches which fiddle the additional
sources into the NetBSD system and add the /etc/rc.d/lvm script.

I put an archive with a terse README at

But you have to know how to build your system and kernel to use it.

For questions and comments free feel to ask me.

    Bernhard  //

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