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Re: automatically configuring carp(4)

Thanks for your reply Manuel.

 >> But if you're running carp on vlan (like a do) you can't use auto_ifconfig
 because it's going to do it in the wrong order. The solution is to set
 auto_ifconfig=NO and list all interfaces in net_interfaces

Could you expand on that a bit please? Would the kernel (?) try to configure carp before the physical interface?

Not the kernel, the /etc/rc.d/network script.

Ah, yes. So why is that--what determines the order in which /etc/rc.d/network configures interfaces?

> Do you mean you have separate 802.1Q VLANs defined on your NetBSD machine's
 > NIC and one (or more) of the NIC's IPs are in a carp(4) group?

Yes (so it's not the NIC's IPs but the IPs on the different vlan

Ah, yes.

 > If so, could you post the
 contents of the /etc/ifconfig.* files you're using for reference?

Quite easy, something like:

vlan 574 vlanif wm0
inet netmask

vhid 1 advskew 100 pass password

( being the public IP shared by the 2 boxes, and
the IP used for internal communication with the second member of the

That's tricky, I hadn't thought of creating a private channel for the members of the CARP group to use to communicate between themselves. That's so they can keep the state of whatever services they provide in synch, no doubt. Did you choose that approach instead of letting them synch over the same subnet that the CARP group uses for security reasons? I don't suppose you'd get higher data throughput by creating separate VLANs would you?

By the way, I noticed the MAC address of the only CARP virtual interface I've set up so far is 00:00:5e:00:01:01, which according to

belongs to USC INFORMATION SCIENCES INST. Do all the CARP MACs NetBSD generates belong to that vendor?


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