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Re: automatically configuring carp(4)


> >But if you're running carp on vlan (like a do) you can't use auto_ifconfig
> >because it's going to do it in the wrong order. The solution is to set
> >auto_ifconfig=NO and list all interfaces in net_interfaces
> Could you expand on that a bit please?

If you look at the code in /etc/rc.d/network, you can see that it collects
a list of physical (ifconfig -l) and pseudo interfaces (ifconfig -C) and
then checks for configuration files /etc/ifconfig.intN.  The problem with
some combinations (e.g. vlan and carp) is that the automatic ordering is
based on an alpha-numeric (i.e. shell wildcard) sort.  So, it would try
to configure carpN before vlanN, which would lead to problems if you want
carp on a vlan.

It might be possible to devise a heuristic that works for more cases than
the current one, but there will almost certainly still be cases where that
ordering isn't correct.  In those cases, explicitly setting the list of
(and thus the ordering of) interfaces is needed.



PS.  I guess we should mention this is ifconfig.if(5) and add a dhcpcd
example too.

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