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Problem with pckbc(4) under NetBSD-5

        Hello.  Under NetBSD-5 I'm seeing a problem where processes running on
the console tty, i.e. on the pc keyboard on X86 systems, tested with the
I386 platform,  get into a state where  ps shows them in "ttyraw" state.
When that happens, the only way to get the keyboard back is to kill the
login shell for that terminal off, and let init reset the terminal.  I'm
still trying to see exactly what the trace is for the processes that get
into this state.  I'm beginning to think that the problem exists under
NetBSD-4 as well, but that the polling interval is so much faster on  that
version, that the keyboard recovers on its own before things get really
stuck.  Has anyone else seen this problem?  I can reproduce it at will,
almost, but I'm not sure what interaction causes the problem.  It seems to
happen when I'm using the keyboard heavily, and when there's a lot of
scrolling going on at the same time.
        Any thoughts, ideas or what ever would be greatly appreciated.  I'll
post more as I learn more.  Right now, though, NetBSD-5 doesn't look like
it will work for me on my workstations.

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