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problems with compat_linux and skype


occasionally i use skype via linux emulation which worked fine on nbsd
4.99.x and afik untill 5RC3.
With nbsd5_stable and new pkgs from pkgsrc_2009Q1 i get a coredump when
starting skype. 

> QIconvCodec::convertFromUnicode: using ASCII for conversion, iconv_open
> QIconvCodec::convertToUnicode: using ASCII for conversion, iconv_open
> Memory fault (core dumped) 

According to the ktrace output i would say it has
something to do with fonts.... but i am not very familiar to this kind of
debuging yet.

i tried to fix the symlinks within the emulation folder as mentioned in
 - no result

the ktrace log is here

Someone with a similar problem and/or experience?


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