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NetBSD netboot


I am interested in netbooting NetBSD via PXE. The problem is in working 
Pxelinux menu, want to boot NetBSD through pxelinux.

As I understand NetBSD kernel should be bootable in several ways, but no works.

1. First I tried is to make pxelinux load pxeboot_ia32.bin as a kernel and 
netbsd kernel appended. It works for few computers, mostly answers 
pxe_netif_probe: PXENV_UDP_OPEN failed: 0x1. Even if i explicitly save pxe 
stack through 'keeppxe' option.

Also, I beleive its pretty wrong to load pxe loader in pxe loader :))

2. As I understand NetBSD conforms to multiboot specification, and should be 
bootable through mboot.c32 loader. It doesn't work too - hanging after kernel 

3. Also I tried to load it through elf.c32 loader - it hangs and reboots even 
faster :)

So, what is the most 'right' way to netboot NetBSD kernel via external 
pxeloader and why it doesn't work?

Thanks in advance.

Sincerelly yours

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