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Re: Asterisk 1.4 on NetBSD?

On May 29,  6:08am, David Wetzel wrote:
} did anybody have success compiling and using Asterisk 1.4 recently?
} The Asterisk in pkgsrc is pretty much outdated and I want to move to
} a more current one.

     You can find Asterisk at  I'm
still poking at it, but there is a lot of functionality there.  The
main problem is that the zaptel drivers have been renamed to DAHDI and
I haven't ported the new drivers yet, so there is no "zaptel" hardware
support.  You can connect to ATAs that speak IAX or SIP.

     If you want to try it, download that tarball and place it in
/usr/pkgsrc/comms.  Then "tar xvzf asterisk16jmn3.tgz" and
"cd asterisk16".  There you can do your usual stuff (i.e. make update,
make install, etc.).

}-- End of excerpt from David Wetzel

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