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Extra files in DESTDIR when building netbsd-5

Hi everyone. Building netbsd-5 from last minute's sources I get the following.
Any hints? Thanks!

=======  2 extra files in DESTDIR  =========
Files in DESTDIR but missing from flist.
File is obsolete or flist is out of date ?
=========  end of 2 extra files  ===========

*** Failed target:  checkflist
*** Failed command: cd /usr/src/distrib/sets &&
DESTDIR=/usr/src/../obj/destdir.i386 MACHINE=i386 MACHINE_ARCH=i386
/src/../tools/bin/nbawk CKSUM=/usr/src/../tools/bin/nbcksum
DB=/usr/src/../tools/bin/nbdb HOST_SH=/bin/sh MAKE=/usr/src/../t
ools/bin/nbmake MKTEMP=/usr/src/../tools/bin/nbmktemp
MTREE=/usr/src/../tools/bin/nbmtree PAX=/usr/src/../tools/bin/nbpax SE
D=/usr/src/../tools/bin/nbsed TSORT=/usr/src/../tools/bin/nbtsort\ -q
/bin/sh /usr/src/distrib/sets/checkflist -M /usr/src/.
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src/distrib/sets

*** Failed target:  distribution
*** Failed command: _makedirtarget() { dir="$1"; shift; target="$1";
shift; case "${dir}" in /*) this="${dir}/"; real="${dir
}" ;; .) this=""; real="/usr/src" ;; *) this="${dir}/";
real="/usr/src/${dir}" ;; esac; show=${this:-.}; echo "${target} ===
> ${show%/}${1:+ (with: $@)}"; cd "${real}" && /usr/src/../tools/bin/nbmake 
> _THISDIR_="${this}" "$@" ${target}; }; _makedirt
arget distrib/sets checkflist
*** Error code 1

nbmake: stopped in /usr/src

ERROR: Failed to make distribution

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