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Re: assessing a wireless link

"James K. Lowden" <> writes:

> Can someone help me interpret netstat -p tcp?  
> I've noticed odd behavior in the wi0 interface in my Soekris box. Web
> pages loading on my laptop frequently pause at the "same" point: there's a
> hesitation after the progress bar is about an inch long.  Also remote X
> sometimes feels like it's underwater, running on a 19.2 kbps line.  
> I thought I'd see if I could determine if the wireless link is at fault
> and, if so, which end is complaining the loudest.   

tcp stats are fairly indirect.  I would try to tcpdump the connection on
both ends of the wireless link, and visualize it with
pkgsrc/graphics/xplot (both tcpdump2xplot and xplot).  This will let you
see lost packets, and the effect on TCP.

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