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Re: jemalloc SEGV problem

On Nov 14, 12:30pm, (Channa) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: jemalloc SEGV problem

| Hi,
| Yes in understand i have not changed any arch specific macros.
| I have one small question
| In my system the pagesize is 4K so the change to the macro
| #define CHUNK_2POW_DEFAULT 20  <---- As in Original jemalloc.c
| to
| #define CHUNK_2POW_DEFAULT 12  <---- As in my environment
| is relevant?
| Do you any comments on it??

The pagesize is 4K on i386 and it uses CHUNK_2POW_DEFAULT 20. I don't
see how those are related the comment for CHUNK_2POW_DEFAULT is:

 * Size and alignment of memory chunks that are allocated by the OS's virtual
 * memory system.

Which is not necessarily the pagesize. I think that what's happening here
is that during initialization some computed value overflows, so you end
up trying to allocate or access something you cannot so it fails.


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