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NetBSD CVS Feeds

Hello List,

I've recently come up with an idea to have rss feeds track changes in NetBSD.
I did some coding and would like to present now NetBSD CVS Feeds, where you
can subscribe to any file in the NetBSD sources repository, as well as
to pkgsrc and wip repos.

Subscribing to a feed is very easy.
Just browse to or with any recent browser and click on the
rss icon on any file (not directory) you want to subscribe.

or use your favorite application or web based services like Google
Reader or your iPhone (or google reader on your iphone, (that's what I
do :)

The feed url is:
where filename is the file you want to subscribe to.

For example:
would subscribe the CHANGES file
would subscribe the CHANGES-2008 file in pkgsrc.

The feed then shows by default the last 7 commits to the file by
showing the cvs log message and the commit date.

There are also two presets to save typing:
n=changes will show src/doc/CHANGES
n=version will show src/sys/sys/param.h

You can also pass modifiers to the feed URL.
number of commits to show. (30 max.)

Mirror to view the file. By default the swedish cvsweb mirror is chosen.
You can use m=jp for the master repo in Japan or
m=de for the german mirror or
m=be for the belgian mirror
The swedish one is the only one that contains the pkgsrc-wip repo.

For example:


That's pretty much it.

Thanks to Viktor for applying the rss patch on

Feedback is welcome.

Have fun,

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