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Re: /usr/bin/env behaviour?

Robert Elz wrote:
> For what it is worth, I think the practice of using env is just
> laziness on the part of the developer of the script 

Not to be combative, but must it be laziness?  Is $PATH also laziness?  

> It isn't desirable as it means the script never really knows which
> version of some command with the same name it is going to get.

/usr/pkg/bin/perl doesn't guarantee any particular version of perl, any
more than RPATH ensures a version of libc.  

I've written any number of short Perl scripts to help someone do something
simple or demonstrate a technique.  The number helped by not having to
tweak the interpreter line far exceeds the number whose PATH included a
bogus interpreter.  

I don't think relying on the sysadmin to set up a sane environment is
laziness.  Sometimes letting the environment run the show is the right


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