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Re: help? fighting ssh user/password guessing attempts

Am 15.10.2008, 20:42 Uhr, schrieb Thomas Feddersen <>:

Is PAM and / or a firewall (which? - PF, IPFilter, iptables) enabled by default? I still need more assistance in setting PAM-af up. Can somebody please help me or point out a howto? Does anybody have experience with PAM-af?

Okay, changing the portnumber will certainly bring some relief to this nuisance. Blacklistinig the "malevolent host-addresses" may be a good idea.

Out of curiosity I'd like to come back to my initial question above: Does anybody have experience or further reading about NetBSD firewall and the PAM system? Installing the PAM-af package was easy, but it's obviously not working. How do I start it? I assume the relevant files are located in /etc/pam.d/, but I'm reluctant to change the anything without deper understanding - for fear that my attempt to fix a problem may open a security hole.

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