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Re: What is BSD make?

In article <>, Aleksej Saushev  
<> wrote:
>Peter Bex <> writes:
>GNU make does provide default suffix rules for ".c.o" and such,
>they are just built in, hardcoded, and you can't go and simply
>change them by means of editing text file. You can easily prove
>it, just write "hello world" program, call it "hw.c", and type
>"gmake hw".

This is incorrect. Not only you can override the suffix rules like
in every other make, but also gnu make also supports pattern rules
which are a lot more general and flexible than suffix rules. This
is the major shortcoming of pmake [or bmake - whatever you want to
call it]. It is a few hours of code to implement pattern rules,
and once this is done, pmake will be as flexible as gmake.


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