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Re: What is BSD make?

> Am 11.10.2008 um 14:29 schrieb Aleksey Cheusov:

 >>       PROG=         mylib
 >>       SRCS=         1.c 2.c 3.c
 >>       SHLIB_MAJOR=  1
 >>       SHLIB_MINOR=  0
 >>       SHLIB_TEENY=  4
 >>       .include <>

> Actually, I wrote a buildsys that works like that and works with BSD
> make and GNU make. Have a look at it at:


I'll look to it too. Thanks.

But "created and maintained by NetBSD team" is very good trademark ;-)
This also gives non-BSD developers that this project will not die
(becomes unmaintained) in the nearest future.

I think that NetBSD make + improved and portable mk scripts can be
very important project for NetBSD itself.  Everybody knows about GNU
and their projects, everybody knows that OpenSSH/SSL came from
OpenBSD. Additional reason to make mk scripts more powerful and
portable is that portability is one of the main goal of NetBSD and
PKGSRC. I think this task is not impossible for NetBSD/pkgsrc developers.
You already have required community running everything everywhere ;-)

pkgsrc's is broken
See pkg/39715 [serious/high]: bmake: bug in ?
Patch is available.

Also see.
pkg/39694 [serious/medium]: under Interix-3.5

I still don't understand where is upstream for bootstrap-mk-files.
Pkgsrc cvs repository? Other questions are also unanswered.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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