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Re: What is BSD make?

Aleksey Cheusov <> writes:

> After years of development using GNU make under Linux I switched my
> home workstation to NetBSD. Here I've found a number of interesting
> things. One of them is NetBSD make.
> I've found it's VERY interesting and in many aspect much better than
> GNU make. But I have a few questions about it. Some are about history.
> 1) Here there is interesting
>    information about history of make utility.
>    But this history ends with
>     * BSD make, which is derived from Adam de Boor's work on a version
>       of make capable of building targets in parallel, and survives
>       with _varying degrees of modification_ in FreeBSD, NetBSD and
>       OpenBSD.
>    So the very first question is "What exactly is BSD make?"  How
>    different FreeBSD/NetBSD and OpenBSD make utilities are?  Do
>    appropriate *BSD teams try to keep their make as compatible as
>    possible or not.

I'm working with NetBSD and FreeBSD makes all the time, and I can say,
they differ enough: FreeBSD make lacks many useful variable modifiers

What differs much, is the set of make scripts.
I can't describle differences in full, it is rather hard to find it out,
all I know comes from my experience.


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