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NetBeans 6.1

Hi everybody:

I have an amd64 box running NetBSD/amd64 -current (as 20080930) and I
wanted to install NetBeans 6.1 on top of it.

I performed the following steps to achieve my goals:

1. Installed devel/sun-jdk15 using linux32 emulation [I modified its
Makefile to use the linux32 emulation instead of linux64 because javac
and java "segmentation-faulted" using such emulation].

2. Installed devel/apache-ant

3. Installed devel/mercurial

4. Donwloaded the file from

5. Followed the steps described in

Everything compiled successfully!

But when I wanted to run netbeans, though the splash is shown, the
main frame keeps blank.

Exactly the same behavior occurs when I perform the steps described in;

so, what do you think is wrong? I tried to use the Java native
(wip/jdk15) port to NetBSD, but it could not be built on netbsd/amd64.

do you have more options to run netbeans 6 in netbsd/amd64? do you
have some hints to let me verify what is going wrong in my netbeans

kind regards,


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