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Re: syslinux config for pxe booting NetBSD 4.0?

"Jeremy C. Reed" writes:
- Can someone point me to some docs or provide instructions for syslinux 
- configuration for booting NetBSD 4.0 installer?
- I was thinking I could just boot the ISO.

I just boot the netbsd-INSTALL image.  With the builtin ram
disk, nothing else is needed. (granted, that's with NetBSD's
pxeboot image, coming via a NetBSD dhcp/tftp server.)

Eric Schnoebelen      
    Always carry a short length of fibre-optic cable.  If you get lost
    then you can drop it on the ground, wait 10 minutes, and ask the
    backhoe operator how to get back to civilization.  -- Alan Frame

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