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Re: tool to run scripts in parallel ?

Manuel Bouyer <> writes:

> For some sysadmin task, I need to start from a main script several
> sub-scripts take some time (copying files around over ssh, running
> remote commands, ...), and which are mostly independants. What I'd
> need is a tool (can be a perl module, as the main script is
> written in perl) that would run start all those sub-scripts in
> parallel, collect stdout/stderr and print it once the script is
> complete (print stdout/stderr as a whole, no interleaved outputs), and
> return a 0 exists status if all scripts did run or != 0 if one script
> failed. Does anyone know such a tool ?
> make may do it but it will not exactly what I want with stdout/stderr ...

The description reminds me of pkgsrc's parallel category (OpenPBS & co),
it definitly looks to me like this is a batch jobs tool/system.


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