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re: can't install on z50 :( problem mounting and unpacking on dos partitioncan't install on z50 :( problem mounting and unpacking on dos partition

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, terramir wrote:

okies I have not gotten any replies to my previous post, however here's the big gizillion dollar question is it actually possible, I'm getting a new card (4gb) mind you to partition and format the thing using a ide to cf adapter in a live distro of netBSD let's say I go to the shell I should have all net BSD commands and then I can partition it and make a small fat partition and a large netBSD then I plan on using netBSD live to transfer the packages from my hard drive which I'm also gonna have to mount. Althougb as of right now it has not been possible with the live distro to mount my regular hard drives inside KDE I tried but I dunno how yet, can I get some guidance terramir

        I don't have a z50, but you might have more luck asking on - thats where most of the owners hang
                David/absolute       -- No hype required --

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