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Re: Confuddled: How do I build gnome 2.22?

  I found meta-pkgs/gnome-platform is the package for getting the 2.22
  core libraries. The rest of the gnome desktop still seem to be lumped
  together in the meta-pkgs/gnome package for gnome 2.18.1. It depends
  on gnome-base, which appears to be some minimal set of gnome 2.18.1,
  and to a large extent overlaps with what is now in gnome-platform for
  2.22 -- so I figured if I build gnome-platform first (to get the 2.22
  core libraries) and then gnome to get the rest, gnome-platform would
  satisfy (thanks to ">=...") most of the dependencies in gnome-base,
  and it should Just Work(tm). So much for trying to reason... :-)

Some of the x libraries have messed up pkgsrc entries, or the libraries
themselves are, but the result is that with X11_TYPE of native XFree86
they won't work.  The workaround is to set X11_TYPE to modular, and
rebuild everything that depends on X.  This can be mostly accomplished
with this (example from the pkg_rr man page):

cd /var/db/pkg && grep "blddep x11-links" */* | cut -d/ -f1 | \
        sort -u | xargs pkg_admin set rebuild=YES

and running 'pkg_rolling-replace -v'.  You will also find that some
libraries conflict, so try this shell script instead, which encapsulates
what I learned:


cd /var/db/pkg && grep "blddep x11-links" */* | cut -d/ -f1 | \
           sort -u | xargs pkg_admin set rebuild=YES

cat > /tmp/M <<EOF
x11/libXrender Xrender
x11/libXfixes Xfixes
x11/libXrandr Xrandr
x11/libXft Xft2
x11/libXcursor xcursor
cat /tmp/M | while read new existing; do
    echo $new $existing
    if [ -d /var/db/pkg/$existing-* ]; then
        (cd $new && \
            make replace package clean OLDNAME=$existing)

# packages needing removal due to gnome upgrade
#   gnome-applets (libgweather)
#   totem (totem-pl-parser)
#   gnome-settings-daemon gnome-control-center-2.20.3nb2

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