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Re: Manually creating slices

On Nov 29,  6:31am, James Colannino wrote:
} John Nemeth wrote:
} >      Note that both fdisk and disklabel have "partitions", but they
} > represent different things.  fdisk creates what you call "slices".
} > NetBSD can only easily use one of them.  disklabel creates partitions
} > in the traditional BSD sense.  These are supposed to live within a
} > single fdisk partition.  However, you can cheat by adjusting the
} > disklabel numbers (start and offset) to point outside the NetBSD fdisk
} > partition.  BTW, this is also how you would access fdisk partitions for
} > other operating systems (i.e. Windows).  Hope I haven't confused you
} > too much.
} Thanks for the explanation.  It helped a lot.  If I delete the second 
} fdisk partition, would I then be able to resize the first to fill up the 
} disk and then use disklabel to create another BSD-style partition?

     The maximum size of an fdisk partition is 2TB.  If I recall right,
you said that your disk is 1.4TB, so this should be okay.  I don't know
the maximum size of disklabel partition off-hand, but it is probably
the same.  The only issue would be problems with signedness.  I don't
know if there are any or not.  I don't expect problems with doing this,
but I can't say with certainty.

}-- End of excerpt from James Colannino

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