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Re: bozohttpd and vhosts

* Francisco Valladolid <> [2008-07-05 03:29]:
> I'm testing bozohttpd, while it don't have a very heavy .conf file, I
> have a few of questions.
> now, the inetd.conf contain:
> http stream tcp  nowait:600 httpd /usr/pkg/libexec/bozohttpd bozohttpd -v 
> /var/www

The mandatory argument "slashdir" seems to be missing.  See the example
in the manpage:

http stream tcp nowait:600 httpd /usr/pkg/libexec/bozohttpd bozohttpd -v 
/var/vroot /var/www

Also, do you have the "httpd" user?

If it still won't work, test it on the command line, first.  If that
works but it doesn't work via inetd(8), check the logs.


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