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Totally confused by Install Network Settings

Hello Eveyone!

It's nice to be part of the group! :-)

I've been going at this for what seems like hours and I'm just totally lost. I've set up routers, and can find it's IP address and subnet-mask, but I'm not sure
I'm entering them in the right spot.

Well, to make this simple...let me list the questions and I'll give an example of what I think it means....

Your DNS domain:
       Wow! a light just went on! is this "www"?

Your Host Name:
       My moment of clarity vanished :-P
Since I'm not running a server, I don't really have a host name, right?
       And I think it's OK to leave these last to blank, right?

Your IPv4 number:
OK, I think this is where I'm supposed to let the installer know I have DHCP Glancing through the documentation this was one of the first questions, but the DHCP
              question doesn't come up in the NetBSD/macppc 4.0 install
       So, since this changes - I would have to leave it blank
The alternative would be to turn DHCP off, but I don't know how to assign IP addresses manually with my router, much less determine the IP address of a NetBSD system
              that isn't even runnning yet ;-)

       OK, I know this one!!!

IPv4 gateway:
       I think I know this one, but I could be wrong
I believe this question wants my wireless routers IP (But from what I understand - the internet doesn't see my router's IP
              but my cable internet's "gateway's" IP address )

IPv4 Name Server:
       Another Epiphany!! Could the answer to this be "yes"!?
Alternatively - I know what a DNS name server is. That couldn't be right though?! (again, if there asking for my router's IP.... (i.e. DHCP server) ...I am so confused!!)

IPv6 autoconfigure:
(I wish I had left this one alone, because it gave me a list of 3 protocol typing looking selections, and I picked one, but I can't get back to try to change it)

That doesn't seem so bad...I half-way know half of the answers. But I knew I was getting to the point that it was going to be up for another 12-hours wasting time google searching
for answers that I really didn't expect to find.

Any help would be very, very, much appreciated!!!

Bryan Pierce

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