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Re: mounting external ext2 partitions

On Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:56:59 -0400
Taylor R Campbell <> wrote:

> Hello!  I have an IDE disk containing about six ext2 partitions that
> I'd like to examine the contents of using a generic USB enclosure for
> IDE disks.  I was able to mount the root partition of this disk, but
> none of the other ones.  It's not clear to me from the output of the
> `disktype' utility[*] how to mount the other partitions -- there is
> not an exact correspondence between the /dev/sd0* devices and the
> partitions on the disk, particularly since only the three devices
> /dev/sd[a-c] are configured anyway.  I've attached a typescript of
> what I tried and the results.  Can I do this at all in NetBSD 4.0?  Am
> I just trying the wrong approach?
> [*] <>

It would be good to see the output of the NetBSD disklabel and fdisk

Anyway -- you can do what you want, but it may be a bit annoying.  You
have to set up the NetBSD disklabel partitions to point to each of the
ext2 slices; for that, you need the start point and length of each
fdisk partition in 512-byte sectors.  That information seems to be in
your disktype output, so it shouldn't be too hard to set up using

                --Steve Bellovin,

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